Thursday, February 01, 2007

Internet Explorer 7

Tried out the IE7 today. It quite obviously has learn lessons like tabbed browsing, search bar, RSS feeds from firefox/mozilla/opera etc.

It has also exceeded the other browsers with their "quick tabs" ,"new tab", and "clear type" concepts. The clear type is certainly more easy on the eyes. Quick Tabs is a cool way to select the tab you want and new tab is quite handy (though I type CTRL-T most of the time).

On the whole I think its quite cool (I am usually a MS basher but what with having to move to a windows based development job now and everything I am learning things like C# etc and using windows more - there are some cool concepts. I expect to post soon about my critical appreciation of C# as a language - I think its quite cool - I initially though it was simply a java clone - its not just that).

And there is also a phishing warning (dont know if oit works well or anything - but its certainly better than nothing, I suppose).

Post Script:
the tabs could use their close buttons even when they are not high lighted


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