Monday, January 15, 2007

well designed presentation of thoughts

Well recursively, this thought itself is rehearsed many times over with self and friends. But ...

Blogging should be a rather spontaneous registration of thought process : rather than a well thought out, polished 'article' : though many bloggers seems to do this, going by private knowledge of what they do or by actual year end admissions I saw recently.

The spontaneous blog idiom is claimed by some to actually replacethe letters between scientists (or intellectuals in general) of yester years which acts as a basis of knowing the process by which many results or whatever were arrived at which is fast being lost : replaced by emials and telephones.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. Blogs work best as a conversation(which is mostly unstructured, half thought etc etc). A lot of blog thoughts get consolidated as the blog progresses. I think that is the fun in blogging, rather than using it as a essay website(which has its own charm, but is not a blog).

11:09 AM  

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