Tuesday, December 19, 2006

URA Miscellany

The title is lifted from an anecdote narrated by Dr BGL Swamy in his "mysore diary".

Ha Ma Nayak: U R A Miscellany
BGL Swamy: you say all my life's work in botany, literature, history etc is a miscellany?
Ha Ma Nayak: No I mean U R Ananthamurthy's miscellany ...

Having said that , going by news paper reports, he is becoming ever more overbearing.

In the past he has said "until every child in karnataka can attend an English school, no one should be allowed to". This is just him posing as a socialist. I call upon him to say
* "until every man(person) can wear nice coats"
* "no one(meaning HIM) should wear a coat ...
* "until everyone in karnataka has been given a site by the government, I wont accept mine (apparently he has been granted a site for his "scholarly" achievements)
* ... until everyone can become a university teacher (can become - need not become - but equal opportunities must exist): I wont draw salary/pension from such posts
... HA

And recall what he did with the dattajayanti etc some time back.

Latest is that he refuses to attend Kannada sahitya sammelana as some politicians might attend it and he never participates in a public function along with a politician. Nice try. How do you define a man to be a politician My Ananthamurthy? What must a man do in order to become one? (Is what you did to bairappa politics? How did you get the gyanapeetha ? Without any politicking, eh?)


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