Friday, June 16, 2006

Falling standards

Do you want to be writing reviews on music concerts and get them published in Hindu? It seems simple : just know some thing about (say) carnatic classical music, and btw, no need to be sure what you know is right. Just know something, its enough. While on the topic of knowing you must know someone in the paper (I am sure).

See this review ... for example.

Clearly "Ranjani Govind" knows very little about carnatic music. Some gems
With an excess of Tyagaraja's kritis that dominated the concert, Sanjay was smart enough to bring in Purandaradasa's "Ninna Nambide Neerada Shyama" in Mukhari for the Karnataka crowd even as he delighted the Tamils gathered there with several Tamil compositions, and the GNB popular "Radha Sametha Krishna", the racy madhyama shruthi composition on request.

Why? Don't you know the raga its composed in? C'mon do some research - you might learn something. While at it why don't you learn some kannada too and some logic, maybe: Karnataka crowd and Kannadiga crowd are two different entities.

With the 22nd melakartha raga Kharaharapriya, one saw Sanjay in true form. This is a raga with symmetrical tetra chord that brings some pleasing straight swaras to add up to the beauty of the raga chaya. Traversing effortlessly on a scale that leads you on to a good number of janya ragas (the most famous being Natabhairavi and Shankharabharana), Sanjay's tread on certain phrases reminded one of rag Kafi of Kafi Thaat in the corresponding scale.

Hmm. "symmetrical tetra chord", eh? So Natabhairavi and Shankarabharana are janya raga's of Kharaharapriya now, are they? Since when? And even if you meant something like "they are ragas by doing grahabheda on kharaharapriya, "most famous"? How about harikambhoji, thodi and kalyani? Are they less famous than natabhairavi?


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