Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mysterious exits of the interpreter on slime with emacs

(I am a bit of a novice in lisp etc)

I was working with some stuff with lisp in emacs and slime and the slime mode kept displaying something like "lisp connection closed unexpectedly".

When I inspected the running processes (with ps -ef) I would see the executing (I use CLISP). And if did 'M-x slime' again, it would ask me if it should start 'another inferior LISP' and on saying no would connect right back to the old interpreter - but if ran my code again the same thing would happen.

Then I poked around in the list of buffers ad cound this interesting buffer called '*inferior-lisp*' and that had the info I was looking - my program was causing a stack overflow. :-).

Looking at the buffers "*Messages*" and "*slim-events*' did not help much (apart from telling me what I already knew - the connection was lost).


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