Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Getting jalopy to work (2 of 2) ....

The latest jalopy (jalopy-console-0.1-1.5rc3) apart from the problem I narrated here , I faced the following issues.
  • JDK1.x (<5) compliant files need to be compliant with 1.5 syntax. That rules out variable names like 'enum'. More importantly, it rules out apache axis. There is package in axis named 'org.apache.axis.enum'. This cannot be used. One can rename variables. But one is stick with the package provided by axis. If running jalopy by hand for a one-time need like I was doing, then the fix is obvious: comment out the import lines. 'jalopy'. Uncomment.
  • Some comment constructions pose a problem with grammar. I have seen constructs like the following cause errors in jalopy
    Map foo; //stuff:fkdjf
    String foo = somefunc(a,
    b,c); //comments
  • The jalopy console package does a very poor job in recursive mode : lots of errors are seen in that mode. If the 'threads' option is turned on you see even more errors caused by ConcurrentModificationException s . The best way seems to be to run it file by file via a hand written shell script to copy the generated file to a desired location (using commands like basename etc). But this also runs much slower - but that cant be helped.

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